No More Internet, Just Dreams!

Primera Edición 2023

Emilia García y Can Can Press

No More Internet, Just Dreams!
Un libro de Emilia García y Can Can Press

Textos y dibujos por Emilia García
Diseñado y publicado por Can Can Press

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Dirección creativa: Jackie Crespo
Diseño editorial: Diego Gracida
Ilustraciones digitales: Gabino Azuela y Diego Gracida
Texto de introducción: Alana Fernanda

64 páginas
20×26 cm
300 ejemplares
Impreso en risografía

Ah, to be virtually irresistible!
To see and to be seen in a long lasting glimpse.
Every upload, a performative fiction.
A promise, a wish, a lifestyle. Look at me!

The self, as inescapable as ever, updated daily for the sake of the internet.
Obsessive contemplation, a real time improvement with desires set to expire every day.
Inhabit the glass facade, doom scrolling as window shopping.
New day, new dreams and every morning, a bath of blue light.

‘No More Internet, Just Dreams!’ presents a series of drawings and textual affirmations that reveal the emotional vestiges of having grown up on the internet.
Using visual poetry and typographic explorations as resources to build this imaginarium, the collaboration between Can Can Press and Emilia García explores the subtle deception of the search for meaning within the landscape of late capitalism.

In this publication, the narrative built by the editorial around Emilia’s work reveals a sensitivity towards the stream of images that are presented to us as ideals in social media, email chains or motivational content. Essentially, the artist sees through them, pulls back the curtain and exposes the heap of doom that resides behind.

Dealing with the weight of collective delusions & aspirations, the virtual rehearsal of becoming something greater than ourselves is presented as a mirror in this book.
‘No More Internet, Just Dreams!’ opens a window to rejoice in the absurd while we keep scrolling our lives away. No wonder we feel so multiplied.